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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Silk Press: Ceramic Flat Iron VS Metal Pressing Comb

So let's just be honest, a lot of  African American women are slowly but surely moving away from the relaxer, unfortunately as of right now, I am not one of those ladies lol. Even though I'm not going natural, I still have cut down a lot on my chemicals, I try to wait as long as I can in between relaxers and when I finally do put one in its only for a quick comb through, so I guess you can say I texturize. But any who, even though most ladies are stepping over to the other side, they still like to have that relaxed look, meaning the body wrap, straight wrap, or maybe even big curls, the whole point is they want that straight look every now and then. So how can you achieve this look without any chemicals? Silk press, or press and curl. Now the next question is, which tool is the best to use for the process? Ceramic heat or Metal heat, meaning flat iron or pressing comb? Well I am going to give you a list of ceramic plates and tell you how they work vs using a metal comb.

Unregulated Metal:
Has temperature fluctuation, no way of controlling the heat applied to your hair. It could be way to hot, burning your hair off in the process, or not hot enough to help you achieve your desired look. It can also make the hair dry and brittle causing breakage.

Great for even heat distribution which means that the chances of one area being overheated are low.  This  means that it has less potential to burn or damage your hair.

This flat iron generates negative ions. Hair is usually positively charged due to its water content and therefore a tool that provides negative ions while styling results in smoother, shinier, frizz free hair. Ever heard the saying "Opposites attract"? 

Has excellent heat conduction, consistent heat, allows minimum temperature variation and which minimizes heat damage.  It heats very quickly, has a high ionic output, and transfers heat faster than ceramic.

So Which so you use for your hair? I think I would go with any of the above except for metal. So join me in this century and put away the pressing comb, we are so past that now, its not needed, unless you want frizzy, brittle  dried up hair.

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