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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Glue Me Baby

So we talked about sew ins, lets talk about quick weaves. A quick weave is a weaving technique that envolves glue.

The first step to a quick weave is smoothing  the hair down, if u have long enough hair, an underbraid down the middle, gelled or spritzed will do, short hair can b just slicked back the same.

Next, put a dark colored stocking cap on top of your hair (optional), make sure its nice and snug but not so it will cause headaches. (If it feels a lil tight, cut a small slit in back or front of the cap). Then begin gluing tracks starting from the back and work your way up. You can leave some of your real hair out for a more natural look, an invisible part or a full with none of your natural hair or part showing.

The Take Down

This can be really simple or really tragic. Taking out the track before its ready to come out can cause breakage. If you saturate your hair with shampoo, conditioner, oil, or 30 second glue remover, it will loosen your glue and help the track slide right out without pulling any of your real hair out. Just be patient and let it sit on the hair and you will have a successful take down.

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