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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair or No Hair

The thing that some people need to learn is, you are going to either have color or relaxer, and if you gotta get to both with me, you might as well go natural, because that's how long I'm going to make you wait in between relaxers. (Lol, so serious) I'm mean really, do you want to be bald, because that's exactly what will happen.

If you have that beautician that says 2 weeks after color you can relaxer your hair, FIND A NEW BEAUTICIAN ASAP. If your beautician says that you can get color the same day as a relaxer  amd its not semi permanent, Demi permanent, or a rinse, FIND A NEW BEAUTICIAN! They are either a rookie in this game or they just don't like you, flat out!

What I tell my client is, you're either going to be natural, which means press n curl or, your going to be relaxed. If they insist on being both (I'm mean I gotta give them what they want), you must have atleat 3-4 inches of new growth so I wont have to put any relaxer or your color. And of course deep conditioning is a must!

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