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Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's shed the small talk

Everyday we loose 40-100 strands of hair a day, this is considered normal hair loss. Now the question I know every is dying to know is, what happens to that hair when u have styles such as sew ins, braids, quick weaves, and any other styles u may get that last over a week? Well the answer to that question is, it can't go anywhere until you take down the style.

Now this next part is VERY IMPORTANT!

After you have taken down the hairstyle, it is crucial that you comb the hair completely out BEFORE you shampoo. Doing this will decrease the amount of tangling and possible dreading. Now I know what your thinking, dreading? Yes! This is very possible. Now lets say you have a sew in and you leave it in for about 3 mos and you take it down and just wash without the comb out, (remember we loose 40-100 strands a day so times that by 90 days, thats 3600-9000 strands of hair just sitting there with no place to go) as soon as the water hits the hair, the loose hair will grab the hair still in your scalp like a vacuum, now you have a serious problem and tangling that may be so bad that the end result is, yes u guessed it, cut. So remember comb out before the wash.

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