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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hot Mess Hair Review

Hello, hello, hello! So today I want to talk about the hair that I used in my Glue Me Baby blog and all I have to say is HOT MUTHA (WATCH YO MOUTH) M.E.S.S!

Premium too pro is the hair that I wouldn't recommend to my dog or my worst enemy. Granted it is cheap, 60 for 2 packs of 18", and I know you get what you pay for, but damn, I didn't even get a full week before I started looking like cats being digging in my hair. I mean its acting like straight synthetic hair, and its supposed to be 100% human. I thought I was gone get a couple weeks in with my quick weave till my Indian remy hair I just ordered came came in for my sew in, puh! I was being extra cheap when I bought this hair and I should of just bought the hair I usually get, Black Diamond Onyx. Now that hair is cheap as well but very good quality, if I didn't tell you it wasn't remy, you would swear it was. An 18 in that is $50 per pack at my local beauty supply and will last over a month if you wear a satin bonnet every night. I even got a sew in with that hair and I loved it.

So in saying all of that, stay away from Premium Too and Premium Too Pro (ain't nothing pro about it) if you want your hair to last longer than a few days.

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