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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time is Money Honey

In this business, time is very important. And what I mean by that is the faster you get your client in and out, the more people you can service.

Now, we have some beauticians that could care less about time and bareley their clients, meaning they book more than 2 clients at a time, they get up in the middle of doing a client service, to smoke, eat, run to the corner store, go watch TV, and many unprofessional acts. Clients will not go for the unprofessionalism for long and will jump in the next stylist chair, therefore taking money out of your pocket. But you do have some that are loyal and will stick around for the BS while bad mouthing you at the same time which is,to me, worse than moving to another stylist because the best way of advertising is word of mouth.


Oh, y'all thought this was just a bash on us stylist right? Well, you are so wrong boo boos. You guys can be very inconsiderate as well. Being extra late makes us get behind and cuts into the next client's times who were on time. No call no shows are the worse, its nothing to pick up the phone (not at the time you're supposed to ne sitting in the chair) and say that you can't make it, because someone else could've have that spot. And also quit asking for discounts and I.O.Us, I mean really, who does that, it's so...unplayer! LOL

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