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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm a 1 Stop Shop

So as you can see on my profile I am a Managing Cosmetologist, which means I am licensed to do pretty much every thing in this beauty industry, and baby I do. I mean why not? Why should I limit myself to 1 way of making money? I have to do something until 1 of these celebrities figure out they need me on their team. ;).

Services that I, MYSELF, provide

Well my first love is hair I've been licensed over 8 years and I do pretty much everything except microbraids because as I stated in a previous blog, "Time is money," and I don't have 8 just to spend 0n 1 client for $150-200, so not worth it. But if there is a service that you would like and I haven't done (very rare though) by the time you sit in my chair, you done think I did it a hundred times, believe it!

The next thing I do is nails. I taught myself by watching others close to me (shout out to my girls/sisters Deni in the T and Kalea in the A) and watching YouTube videos. I even went and worked at a nail salon to get tips to clean up my lil skills and of course get a few clients, and by the way, that was the worst place you can ever work or even get serviced, the owner is too unprofessional, but she'll get it together when she's shut down, hopefully anyway. But anywho. I do pedicures, manicures, acrylics, and minx. I use all top of the line products, CnD powder,  Retention monomer, Opi, and much more.

I also dabble in Lashes, natural looking, not ya boy Snuffy-looking lashes (seseame street). And I wax, arch, and fill in eyebrows, so if I'm not the dream celebrity stylist, then who the hell is?! LOL

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Below are pics of some of my work

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